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[As the first volley of attacks is set off against the true threat, the Awakened's trap sprung, Chikusa immediately does a scan of the creature. As his mind takes in the result, he broadcasts it in the same patient dull voice as ever- hopefully cutting through all the alarmed chatter of their shared minds.]

Low magical ability. Middling health.

Rat Eyes is weak to Fire, Nuclear, and Light.

It will absorb Dark and Physical elements. Stop that.

[Not that he thinks anyone set off a Dark spell.... But in this chaos, who can tell? After a split second pause, barely noticeable, he adds-]

Lightning does nothing to it.

[It shouldn't need to be said, but he has no faith in some of you people, honestly.]

It has a Dark-Lightning attack of medium strength.... And that's all I've been able to pick up from it so far.

...No.... Its Arcana is "La Faim"...? ...I don't know what that means...

[OOC: A telepathic message during the Many Eyes Boss Battle! Fun fact, the boss's name is "Le Rat Aux Milles Yeux", but Chikusa thinks that's a dumb name and French can fuck off, so.

As a reminder, here is the OOC planning for this boss battle! I am also chattering about this on my public plurk here, which anyone is welcome to. To help people keep up to date with what spells and focused attacks have been made in the boss battle log, I've added a list and reference to the ooc planning! If you're confused or need any help, don't hesitate to ask. This is everyone's first boss battle in the game, so it's going to be a little rough, and that's okay.]

now panic and freak out

Jul. 26th, 2017 11:09 pm
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[Congratulations, Travelers. Enjoy the sensory live-streamed vision of a six-foot-tall praying mantis and the sound of a very loud shriek coming from inside yourself. (Or rather the livestreamer's self.)]


Jul. 26th, 2017 09:02 pm
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Hey everyone! I'm really, really sorry to be dropping like this :c I wanted to at least get on here and post a message before I left though!

Things were pretty busy for me before, but I recently got a lot added to my plate that's been making it a LOT harder to tag, or even get on the internet. Not all of it's bad either, just busy! But it's still enough that I haven't been able to keep up with the game, and give it the attention it deserves. I was thinking about trying to hiatus instead, but I think it'll be a while before I'd be able to keep up a decent pace, and I don't think it's fair for me to stick around and keep you guys waiting so long :c The days where I'd be able to get tags in would be sporadic at best, and even then I don't know how many I'd be able to get out.

It was still a hard decision though...I'm sorry to anyone I'm letting down :( I really loved all the threads I had here so much, and I was looking forward to all the plans I made! Everyone here's been amazing, and so friendly, and I really wish it would work out so I could stay here now! When things DO get more manageable for me, and if the spots still open, I'd love to try coming again!!

Until then! Thank you all for such a great experience! <3

(Also, if we made plans and you need to go over anything that happened while I was absent for your character's sake, or anything at all, feel free to message me on this journal!! c: )
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[ This thing is brought to you from Jean and Korra's room. Weirdly enough she's standing in the middle-ish of the room instead of sitting somewhere.]

... Is it new arrivals time? Or did we just get a nice, new Liminal Space, that I honestly wasn't expecting to be like this for... whatever reason they might have for giving us this? Not that new arrivals always get nice things.

[ No really, is this supposed to say what the next jaunt is going to be like? Because Korra is one of those people, who totally expect it to be something bad after fun trip to America. Not that this would the first time when Liminal time is a space or more longer than usual but maybe it's not. Huh, guess it's just a thing to find out eventually. Unless the horrible thing about next location is that it might be Empress vs. Emperor, because that'd be heartbreaking. Okay, time to get to the real point of this post...! ]

That's surprisingly not what I came here to talk about! [But it can be talked about here too, while she lets those thoughts slip on this too. Anyway, Korra grins.] Hi, if you are new here or if we haven't met before even if you're not new, my name's Korra. So, I probably should have done one of these sooner and maybe I should make these once in a while to let all of you know about my best non-human friend from home, who has been here for a while now...

[you know, because that'd probably be good unless she always has time to go around Liminal... And whatever Korra is about to say next, it gets interrupted by this on screen for everyone to see. One moment later she's holding the dog's face next to hers and the dog is also looking at Jean anyone watching this with a friendly, curious look on her face.]

Naga is a polar bear dog -- yes, that is its own species back in my home world, where most species seem to be a combination of two -- but despite her looks, she is the most friendly polar bear dog ever. If you happen to run into her, she loves cuddling, petting, scratching, all kind of cute physical affection that --

[She is getting interrupted by Naga again when the dog suddenly licks her face before backing off ... Korra is not even trying to stop her, when Naga suddenly jumps on two paws and tackles the girl to the floor.]

Obviously means things like kissing, hugging and tackling too. So yeah, real danger here. ...No but seriously, if she is walking around without me because that happens sometimes, she certainly won't mind if you want to pet her. Aaaaand we offer polar bear dog rides and sledding too whenever there's enough space for those. Or you know, if anyone there, new or not, wants to see us less accidentally, that can be easily arranged too.

[This is getting kind of long and what else should she say? Anyone can ask anything about the dog once this is done anyway, so... Korra gives her dog a kiss and then seems to be whispering something to her. Naga looks at her, cuddles a little more and then her attention suddenly goes to Jean. Or their audience, they are still here and anyone can see the dog suddenly rushing to kiss his face too. Because of course it ends like that when they're doing this.]

[ part two ]
[ . . . . Except they return later with a small, fluffy puppy on the screen, who looks very happy and excited while Korra is laughing way too much right now.]

Or she could eat so much ice cream, that somehow she ended up being really small for now. I guess she can stay this way until this change lasts and I'll just try to keep in mind that she's not very easy to find whenever she goes somewhere right now. ...So, if you see this puppy around? Still her, still seems to be herself too except the size.

A returnee

Jul. 24th, 2017 01:03 pm
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Well what do you know, I'm back again. [At least the network seemed to be working like always. How he missed the strange voices inside his head.... except not really. He heard those enough when he got drunk enough.]

I'm Qrow. I was around for Moebius, but then the lovely hosts stuck me in a dungeon. I've heard it's been a pretty long while since then. Anyone care to fill me in on the most important blanks? If you're not comfortable in talking over here, we can always meet up.

[He pauses, before adding the most important thing he had in mind for this network call out.]

Most important one of them being my pocket flask. I need a damn drink.
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Hey folks, Ambrose here. I know the other day Elphaba was asking after magic users to learn stuff from, but I was wondering... does anyone else want to learn magic? Who's willing to teach it? Maybe we should get together and do a big ol'... workshop? Exhibition? One of those things.

[ look he's been in the champagne a bit, it happens. ]

Basically everyone who is okay with teaching their particular stripe of magic can show what it's capable of, and anyone who wants to learn can shop around. We did this once a while ago, sorta, but I think it's time we do it again.


Jul. 21st, 2017 02:28 am
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Who: Everyone
When: 2AM, July 7th
Where: Green Valley School
What: The Boss Rises
Awakening )


Jul. 18th, 2017 09:52 pm
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We've been in this game a few months, its time to decide the real important things about our muses.

Read more... )

Some Important Follow-Up

Jul. 17th, 2017 06:16 pm
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Excuse me. If everyone who went to Santa Carlita has a moment?

[Dakki pauses briefly to give people a chance to pay attention. That's how this is done, right?]

I've followed up with Tachibana, and it turns out that he put a tracking device on something that belonged to me. It's gone now, but apparently, the agents are now on the lookout for interdimensional aliens, not just ones from other planets.

I should have been more cautious. I'm sorry. Could the other agents confirm if they've planted anything, too, before I go and get everyone shaking themselves down for bugs?

...and that said, now that we're all back to ourselves, I'm very curious... did the 'aliens' pose any actual threat? What was that all even about? I'm not impressed with a government whose first reaction to extraterrestrial life is to panic and try to lock it up. That can't be the entire story, can it?

Telepathic message during battle

Jul. 17th, 2017 12:57 pm
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[ They were all getting annoying. Ankh stepped aside the swiping maw of a locker and fired several discs into it, smirking as they exploded from the little charges placed on them. The link with the other Navigators and the added complaints and arguing was not helping the humans, especially those who had never felt their minds split like he was use to. He swiped down with his talons, splitting several rats open and flicked the remains at the next wave, hissing. They were getting no where fast.

So over the link of Navigators and Combatants came a single voice: ]

ENOUGH!! [ Then there was the feel of air moving over feathers, the sun warm against the back and the view of the world as only a bird could see. No worries, no pain, only the wind and sun and peace. It was strong, driving back other emotions as it flooded the telepathic system with all the control of a creature born from magic and desires. ]

Arguing will get us killed. Kidou and his group go with your plan. Chikusa and your group join them. In this confusion, it wouldn't be too strange if you can't find out where you're going or that you are tangled with each other. Especially if one or two play at being dead. The rest of us can be the jaws.
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We're not getting anywhere. These things aren't the real threat, and they're only going to keep coming.

Second round, pay attention.

If your username had a wheel, immediately look for people who are murdering these things with apparent experience. Keep finding more of them. Make sure a group can keep you safe. Stay away from the lockers.

If you had a pair of blades, find the people being most targeted and defend them. If these things get rid of us Navigators, you'll die easily.

Do that immediately.

And for everyone... We need to lure the true form of our enemy out. These rats are just meant to exhaust us.

If we can find a way to a larger area like the gymnasium, we should set up bait. Since these things want Navigators so badly, some of us should be what sets the trap.

[There's the sound of a mental sigh that whispers through everyone's minds.]

Unless anyone has any better ideas...
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What the shit was that!? I know we end up in overlays that have a lot in common with us, but that was too close! The asshole that double-crossed my overlay and his band-mates was too much like that backstabbing bastard Reiner! The people he ran off with were just like the other two traitors we had to deal with back at the Walls too!

And why was our band named Basement Dilemma!? Basement Dilemma! Is what my old man did going to start messing with me even when I'm Infiltrating now!?

Has anyone had an overlay's life be that close to their own before!? That was exactly the life I probably would've had if I was born into a normal world instead of that Titan-infested hellhole of a cage!

Magic Questions (cw: truth champagne)

Jul. 16th, 2017 08:05 am
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So. Quick questions.

How many Witches or Wizards do we have among us? I suppose Mages count too, but that seems a less formal term to me and 'magic users’ is a bit broad considering some of what some of us can do.

I'm asking because my own magic is… unpredictable and irreversifyible in it's outcomes.

Flying monkeys were an accident.

[Which is probably one of the oddest statements to hear anyone say outside of context.]

Before anyone yells, I'm a trained Witch and well aware of the risk and dangers of magic. I went to college for it.

I don't want to invade anyone's toes when it comes to specializations within a subset of this color magic. I just… don't want to sit back and be rescued all the time like some silly damsel in impractical footwear and a tiara.

...also if anyone could bring me more of that fuzzy water in Liminal I would appreciate it.
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So I feel like I need to apologize to everyone my overlay kidnapped.

[Even if she can sort of see where D'Eath was coming from...]

I made some apology cookies... if you're okay with eating them. I get why you wouldn't be.

I swear I don't usually make a kidnapping habit.

[Oh she takes people but...]</small
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[The post opens with Jules Sensory Livestreaming Gil looking like an absolute mess. Since Jules can see through the Mask by default, well, so can anyone else watching this broadcast. It is entirely possible it looks like he's just screaming at a ~scary monster~, at least up until the point he really starts yelling.]


[Jules is also drunk thanks to falling into the champagne. You're welcome, everyone.]


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