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May. 2nd, 2016 09:01 pm
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Canon Skills
Laughing Pressure Point: Natsumi's signature skill/ability, and the Hikaru (family) Secret Technique. By sticking her thumb into a pressure point on the side of someone's neck, or the equivalent of a neck area, she can make that person/being laugh uncontrollably for a few moments. She normally uses this in lieu of any forms of violence that most other tsundere characters do, but it does have more practical uses. For examples, please look here.
Most Common Persons to Use This On: Tsukasa Kadoya; Daiki Kaitou.

Photography: Natsumi has a professional-level knowledge of this field. From taking photographs to developing them to the usage and care of several types of camera - she's very well-trained in all of that. In fact, she takes better photographs than a certain canonmate! (Though the last bit is not that difficult, tbh...)

Business Management: Natsumi helps run the small family business with her grandfather as co-owner of the photo studio. Thus, she knows how to keep a business running, from handling customer's purchases to keeping track of revenue and supplies.

Swordsmanship: A recently gained skill, due to being a newer Kamen Rider from her canon point. She knows enough to hold her own in a fight, but she's still a student at best. A good teacher would help her improve in this area.

Nightmare Visions: Throughout her series, she dreams of the impending Rider Wars either involving or being started by the titular character. She spends the entire series trying to stop these visions from becoming reality. Not applicable in-game.

Kamen Rider Kivaara: Her Rider form, which is named after the mascot being living transformation device, Kivaara. From a kiss from the little white bat, Natsumi transforms into her Rider Armor. In that form, she can fight either by hand-to-hand combat (her kicks are stronger than her punches) or with her Kivaara Saber. Her finishing move is called 'Sonic Stab', where she sprouts energy wings and fly-n-stab all enemies in sight. Mook-level beings aren't a problem for her, and she can definitely handle most MOTW-level beings, too. But because she is a newer Rider, she's not quite ready yet to handle a real boss fight by herself. Training and experience will help her on that point.

Gained Skills
Network Archive Retrieval - This will replace her Nightmare Visions in-game, per mod approval during app process.

Portal Creation (Stationary) - because for Reasons related to Canon.

Questing Sense - the ability to sense out where one needs to go, or who to speak with, or what to do.

Sensory Livestreaming - for when she has to livestream what's going on IRL.

Network Bookmarking - 'bookmarking' a Psychic Network post or thread to refer to others at a later date. Tends to go hand-in-hand with Network Archive Retrieval if/when she ever does research on the Network itself.

Epic Rider Skills - The ability to ride motorbikes on the level of Kamen Riders/advance stunt bikers. All she needs is her driver's license(s)!


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