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Hello, You've reached the phone of Niko Fuyu. I apologize for not taking your call at this time. If this is related to any direct business with the Fuyu Photography Studio, please contact the Studio's main phone line at ***-***-****. Otherwise, please leave your name, contact info, and a brief message, and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you.

Hey, everyone! Niko here! Sorry I couldn't pick up in time. If it's very important, and if you haven't already, please text, email, or IM me! Otherwise, leave a message and I'll respond back ASAP. Thanks!

[For the use of IC messages and personal threads for Natsumi Hikari - aka, Niko Fuyu in the game of Persona Recursion over at [community profile] tornheart. Feel free to leave such messages at any time, but please mark if it's Business or Personal in the comment header.]
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There's no denying who the woman in the white dress is as she walks down a corridor within DaiShocker's castle base. Granddaughter of one of their leaders, Dr. Shinigami. Wielder of the Thumb of Deadly Laughter. One of the 'Children of Shocker', raised and groomed to co-rule (and potentially take over) the evil organization as a whole. Betrothed to the Great Leader himself...

'Hikari' Natsumi, the Bride of DaiShocker.

((AU where Natsumi grew up within DaiShocker, and is thus Very Evil. Open to anyone and everyone willing to help explore this new universe/multiverse))


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