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So, what's this "pressure point" thing mentioned in your app?

It's is her natural ability, the Laughing Pressure Point. It's the Secret Technique of her family, and it's a relatively simple one. Should she stick her thumb into a pressure point on the neck or neck-like area on a being? They start laughing almost instantly, and will continue to laugh uncontrollably for several moments. It's a stun technique, meant for comedic effect in place of the stereotypical punch that one would expect from a tsundere like Natsumi. There are times, however, where she would use it to get people to do what she wants them to do and she's that frustrated with that person or people.

So, would this be an auto thing?

Nope, not in Personal Repercussion! This is strictly opt-in only for this game. As Niko, her AU self, the chances are much lower. But once Natsumi awakens? It's possible. However, this post is meant to let people give their OK to be thumbed if they annoy Natsumi/Niko that much. This is meant for non-battle scenes, and it would be very hard for someone to stop laughing for several moments. You can try to speak, but it would take some effort to do so until the laughing subsides. Please comment below with the following form filled out:

Player's name: (Please list the name you're going by for this game/online stuff)
Character's name(s): (Please list the character(s) you play)
Do you want your character to be hit with this technique? (Yes/No/Sometimes/???)
If you do, under which situations you want her to use her Laughing Pressure Point on your character(s)? (Please list the situation(s) you want it to occur, or just link the thread(s) in particular)
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Name: Hikari, Natsumi - aka, Kamen Rider Kivaara

Series: Kamen Rider Decade and related movies

Canon Point she's taken from? post-Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Decade and W: Movie Wars; in that movie, she gains the ability to become Kamen Rider Kivaara.

Age: estimated to be around 20 years old at the end of Movie Wars

Height: 5'7

Weight: That's not something you ask a woman about! :\

Health: Good health, relatively fit.

Appearance: Dresses rather stylishly; usually wears a beanie hat if it's cold. Almost always wears thigh-high stockings/socks as part of her outfits.

Weapons/Equipment: As Kamen Rider Kivaara, she has the Kivaara Saber and the Kivaara belt. Both, however, are only accessible in her Rider form.

Abilities: She has the unique ability called the Hikari Secret Technique: Laughing Pressure Point. By jamming her thumb into the right pressure point on the (normally) right side of a person's neck, she can cause them to laugh uncontrollably for several moments. She normally used this to keep Tsukasa in line, but she won't hesitate to use it on anyone else. Anything related to her Rider form, though, is all due to her Kivat-bat partner, Kivaara.

Personality: A caring yet long-suffering friend to no less than three Riders (Decade, DiEnd, AR!Kuuga), Natsumi tends to be the "Sane Woman" of the Hikari Photo Studio foursome. She worries a lot over Tsukasa during their journey through the various worlds, and there are hints that she may harbor feelings for him that goes beyond friendship. She's also very kind and willing to help people when needed. However, she does get irritated when dealing with Tsukasa's antics and egotistical moments, and she gets flustered whenever her very personal feelings for him (or any others) come up for discussion.

Action or Prose? I'm just fine with either style for posts and comments.

Thread-hopping? Feel free to do so!

Fourth wall? What fourth wall? (aka, please, by all means, shatter it)

Back-tagging? As far back as either me or you can go.

Can my character read her mind/sense her emotions/etc.? Go right ahead! She'll be weirded out at first, though, if she ever finds out.

Can my character hug her/pat her shoulder/lean on her/kiss her/etc.? Definitely! Just be aware that if it's in a romantic context, she may act rather flustered, since she's still not good dealing with any feelings beyond friendship.

Can my character spit on her/step on her/punch her/etc.? Absolutely! Beware her scoldings and her thumb for any non-battle shenanigans. Though if she feels the need to fight back, she may just do so.

Can my character maim/murder/bad-touch yours? Definitely talk to me first.

Is it Kivaara, or Kiva-la? Kamen Rider Wikia lists her as Kiva-la, but Kivaara feels like a more accurate translation.

Sexy funtimes? 8D Only on the appropriate posts/comms. Kink List will be posted soon, but Hard No's are rape/non-con, incest, anyone younger than 16, and any bathroom-related stuff.


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