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This is Kivaara, a tiny white Kivat-bat from the Kiva World in Kamen Rider Decade. She's the mascot character of the Hikari Photo Studio crew, and sometimes suffer from Plot Device Syndrome during the course of the series. She loves to speak in a lilting voice, and enjoys spending time with Natsumi, her grandfather, and the series' Alternate Reality version of Kamen Rider Kuuga, Onodera Yuusuke, when she's not being all mysterious with some guy called Narutaki. While she is fully on the side of Kamen Riders - and essentially proves to be one of the Good Guys by the end of the series - she still doesn't like the titular character himself. But since she's taken post-series as Natsumi's partner, she'll put up with him for her sake.

...Yes, Natsumi's partner. You see, each Kivat-bat carries the power of a Rider Armor within themselves, and they get to choose who is worthy of wielding that power, and thus becoming their partner. In that respect, Kivaara is no different than the other Kivat-bats of both Decade and its predecessor, Kamen Rider Kiva, which Kiva World is based off of. What does make her different, though, is how the transformation sequence go. For example, the male Kivat-bats bite the hand of their partner in order to trigger the transform. Kivaara, however, kisses Natsumi on the forehead instead as the trigger.

Also, her race used to feed upon Life Energy, like all monster races in Kiva World, until the Old King ordered them to stop doing that and instead live peacefully with the humans. However, she loves to drink actual blood as a means to bypass that royal decree back home. She doesn't take much compared to most vampiric creatures, and the person being bit will feel some kind of euphoria from it (creepily enough). But she only appears to want human blood, and most likely won't feed on anyone who's not human. Technically, she could survive on human food, but she loves~ that sweet, red liquid of life, and she'll get it whenever she feels the craving for it.

I, the mun, will ask you if you want your character to be bit or not, should it ever come up in what few threads that she'll be in. I'll either ask in an OOC comment in-tag, via PM, or thru Plurk chatter if I have you on my timeline there. I will not have her try and bite your character if it's obvious that they're not human, or if you just say no.
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