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May. 10th, 2016 10:47 pm
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Intro Thread Reunited with Kaitou, and met Phillip and Hajime (and Ryo, too). 43 comments so far.
Found Tsukasa 4 comments.
Saving Daiki's ass from Hajime/Kamen Rider Chalice. 3 comments so far.
Jaunt Intro Top-level only.
Trading info with Rosalie. 3 comments so far.
Helping Melissa despite Tsukasa's worries. 8 comments so far.
Kivaara being herself around Melissa. 4 comments so far.
Skill chat with Rise. 4 comments so far.
More skill chat with Raidou. 2 comments so far.
Dealing with Jules mentally. 4 comments so far.
Exploring, Part One Found Tsukasa again. 6 comments so far.

Total Comment Count for May-based Threads: 82, including top-levels.

---hiatus due to low activity

Check-In on the Psychic Network for Jaunt. Met Natasha/Black Widow. 4 comments so far.
Housing Talk with Natasha. 4 comments so far.
Jaunt Arrival. Meeting Tachibana and Wash. 15 comments so far.
Insurance Talk with Claudia. 6 comments so far.
Meeting Libby (aka, Golden Liberty's civilian self). 5 comments so far.
Psychic Discussion regarding Solomon's Ring with Claudia. 3 comments so far.
Week 2 things. Top-level only.
Caught in the Act by Zed/King Darkness. 5 comment so far.
Lost Ace aka, Tachibana looses his Buckle. 8 comments so far.

Total Comment Count for July So far: 51 comments, including top-levels.


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