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May. 8th, 2017 11:57 am
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OOC Information
Name: Lisa
Are you over 18?: Yes
Contact: Either [ profile] powerofredrangers or by journal IM

IC Information
Character: Natsumi Hikari
Age: Early 20s, estimated
Canon: Kamen Rider Decade
Canon Point: Kamen Rider Decade, with added continuity in Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Movie Wars 2010

Her Story, and further info regarding her series is here!

When she was younger, Natsumi used to not be the hard-worker she's known to be today. Back in high school, she tended to not care much about any work that needed to be done and would rather spend time goofing off with her friends. On those points, she has matured and improved greatly into the responsible and hard-working woman she is today. As the future owner of the studio, she does everything she can to keep things running as smoothly as possible, ranging from setting up things to be used for photo shoots to making the photos themselves. She's also developed a good sense of finances, making sure that anyone using the studio's services make their payments when necessary. She can come across as a bit bossy at times, but it's usually when she feels that something must be done - either for business, or for the greater good. If necessary, she will use her Laughing Pressure Point (see: Etc) to motivate someone into doing the requested task.

What hasn't changed from her high school days, though, is how she normally acts when she's around friends in more peaceful settings. Natsumi tends to relax in those moments, smiling much more often and teasing her friends when the chance presents itself. She'll even freely voice things she'd normally wouldn't say in others setting, like someone or something being cute. And even when she's not around friends, she still tends to be friendly and willing to help someone in need. She'll take someone in if they need a place to stay, and offer to patch up any wounds that they might have. Even if there's nothing she can physically do, she'll do her best to encourage someone with her words to do the right thing, even if the words don't come to her easily.

But if the matter at hand is related to anything intimate or generally romantic? That's where things get a little complicated for her. She's never been good dealing with most feelings for anyone that are more than platonic. Family love, yes, but romantic? Never! She always feels awkward and uncomfortable facing those feelings for everyone, and it leaves her flustered and yearning to hide it behind a stern facade. In short, she's a tsundere. It doesn't help when the most possible love interest for her acts like a jerk to her a lot of the time, in order to cover his real feelings - either towards her or towards a mutual friend. More often than not, she'll use her Laughing Pressure Point on him in lieu of the usual violence shown by your typical tsundere.

But even when she's being driven up the wall by her friends, she'll not the type to abandon any of them. She trust and care about them too much to turn her back on them, and she believes that they would do the same for her. For example, she was offered a jailbreak during the one time she was framed for murder and was stuck sitting in jail. However, she refused the offer, stating that she trusts her friends to clear her name and thus let her walk out a free person that way. Which, incidentally, they did. That trust and caring heart is what leads her to make the decision to let her home, the Hikari Photo Studio, be the home that her friends can always return to, no matter what happens. There's also the sense of joy that comes from being on a journey with friends. Despite the reasons for traveling between worlds, it is fun to go wandering with people you know rather than with strangers - or worse, by yourself. She doesn't regret becoming a traveler, but rather enjoys the opportunity to explore a new place and learn new things that way.

However, even that kind of faith can only go so far in the face of all that happens, for she wasn't a Rider like her friends are for most of their journey together. She wasn't able to go out and fight against the villains threatening all the good people in the worlds they visited. It does frustrate her, sometimes, that she couldn't be there to help her friends in that manner. And when things get truly dark, like when the Bad End they were trying to prevent actually happen, it leaves her feeling rather helpless, like she can't find, help, or save her friends at all. If left alone with those horrible thoughts long enough, it can make her feel severely depressed.

But if given the chance to make a difference? She'll take it. If she's given the ability to fight against those who threaten innocents, and her friends in particular? She will use that ability to the fullest extent. And if she is left with either killing a dear friend, or let him destroy the worlds further? She'll kill him. She won't be happy, and she'll cry over his dying body afterwards, but she'll stop him by any means necessary.

Etc: She has a natural ability called the Laughing Pressure point, where she sticks her thumb into a pressure point on someone's neck or neck-like area to make them laugh uncontrollably for several seconds. It's a stun technique, normally used in place of the stereotypical tsundere punching, and the only damage is sore ribs from too much forced laughter. For examples of it in use, please look here. I don't know if this ability will be available to her from the start of her in-game time. If not, then I would like the option for her to regain it sometime in the future.

Name: Saleos
Branch: Combatant

Type(s): Psy/Light. Psy due to the fact that she has nightmare visions in canon, and Light because the Kiva-type of Rider armors tend to be symbolically tied to moonlight/the moon.

Style(s): Healer

Passive: Dual

Writing Sample
In-game thread(s), started in Sept. 2016.
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